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Our Story

The Loyalty Vacation Home Story, How we were Industry Leaders from the beginning........

"Once upon a time (long, long ago), while living in the UK, we decided we would make our dream holiday (vacation) come true by taking our two young boys to Disney. We booked our flights and decided to do what they called a "fly-drive' so we would just travel around and stay in hotels on the way. This is how it went.

We would arrive late in the day, I would wait in line at the front desk to check in and pick up my room keys, while everyone else impatiently waited in the car and then pay an arm and a leg for a tiny room.

Then we would park in a crowded parking lot, hike all the way up to our hotel room, carrying all of our heavy luggage up flights of stairs, with two very excitable kids!

My husband and I had no privacy in this little room and the kids had nowhere to expend all of their energy. Two very excited boys!!!! We would spend all evening asking them to be quiet, as they were giggling and fighting.

The beds were uncomfortable, lumpy mattresses, the bathrooms were always small, four of us sharing ONE bathroom, and there was only 1 small TV that had a few fuzzy channels.

Then the kids would wake up the next day and want to swim. So, we all had to get everything together, hike down to the pool where it was a struggle to find pool chairs together for everyone to sit on. Then you realize you forgot your sunglasses, and it was long trek back to the room for someone.

We would be sharing the pool with lots of noisy families, my kids being some of the noisiest, so we would have to keep telling them to be quiet. Then they would have to get out of the pool once it closed, sometimes fairly early.

Next day was a Disney park, very long day. We would get back to the motel and we would try to go to sleep, but we would be interrupted by maids, doors slamming, kids in the next room screaming and cars honking below or police sirens on the busy road we were on.

When it was time to eat, we would search for our car in the parking lot, drive to a busy restaurant, and pay for an overpriced meal, multiple times a day! My two boys were always hungry. We could keep chips in the hotel room, but not many rooms had a refrigerator, so we could not keep food or drink that needed cooling. If there was a fridge it would be the smallest one ever. We would waste so much money and time going to the restaurants three times a day!

We loved Florida and the theme parks so much, we would travel here twice a year, but still did not learn our lesson.

We brought family and friends with us a few times, but we would be split apart, into different rooms on separate floors. We spent more time trying to find each other and going from room to room than actually spending time together!

Then one day on a trip in 1996, we found a Vacation Home, and realized that we didn’t have to vacation like this anymore! That vacations don’t have to be over priced, crowded and inconvenient. What a Difference!

We were so impressed that we bought a vacation home ourself. From this grew Loyalty Vacation Homes. We started renting and managing homes in 1999, as one of the first companies here in Kissimmee (and we are still in business to this day).

I wanted to offer something different, innovative and unique, so...........

I named the vacation home I rented "Cinderella's Castle." This was the first time that a vacation house had a name. And I offered "actual homes" to guests. Every other company at that time did not name their homes and did not let you choose the home you would stay in. You would just be in a generic 4 bedroom home. Their web sites did not show you the homes you could choose from, they just showed a standard type.

We ensured our homes were very close to Disney so that guests could experience the parks, come back to their homes for a swim on a hot day, or have lunch by their pool. And, still have plenty of time to go back after lunch to enjoy the rest of the day or fireworks, without driving far.

Then we turned unused garage space into Game rooms or Cinema rooms, when nobody else in 1999 offered game rooms. In fact a lot of my owners questioned why we should do that. Guests Loved it." Founder, Yvonne Kirby

Loyalty Vacation Homes is and always will be different.

Now..... Everyone offers game rooms: Everyone lets you choose a particular home and nearly Everyone names their homes.

But Loyalty were the first, and we stay ahead of the crowd by offering you the best we can.

So, don’t settle for a generic vacation home, with an inexperienced Vacation Company.

Stay with the Company you can trust to make your own special Story. Our name was chosen very carefully...........


“You and your family are one of a kind, so your vacation home should be too !”

Families, just like yours, have chosen Loyalty Vacation Homes many times over the years to make memories that last a lifetime.

We make sure each vacation is a "Happily Ever After" one.

Liza Haynes, President, Loyalty Vacation Homes

About us

Loyalty Vacation Homes is one of the leading vacation rental Companies in Orlando. Founded in 1999 the Loyalty Story goes from strength to strength, ensuring our Owners and Guests have an amazing experience, EVERY time. Our offices are close to all of our homes so that we can manage very efficiently.

We have amazing owners who we work very closely with and who are very pro-active in ensuring their home is the best it can be for every guest’s enjoyment. Our guests have been loyal to us since the start, we have many guests who have been returning to us every year since our first year. We pride ourselves on having the best customer service experience for our guests and owners at all times. From our very dedicated team in the office, who will take care of our guests from the quotation stage, during their stay, to departure and beyond. We are not dependent on external contractors, we have our own in-house maintenance and housekeeping technicians who excel in what they do and who have also been part of the Loyalty family since the beginning. They CARE!!! We’re not just a booking company, we maintain, clean and upkeep the homes, so when you are here, WE are the ones you will call with any questions, help or advice and we will take care of you. Our Motto is “As long as the guest is happy, we’re happy” Call us today to make your next stay here the most MAGICAL one ever.

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