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Deposits must be paid before a reservation will be held and confirmed. A $200 deposit is required for stays of less than 30 nights; a $500 deposit is required for stays greater than 30 nights.

  1. Balance is due 8 weeks prior to arrival
  2. Rental times are from 4.00pm on the day of arrival until 10.00am on the day of departure.
  3. Access may be required during your stay by authorized personnel for maintenance.
  4. Although every effort is made to ensure that the property is in perfect condition for the duration of your stay, we cannot accept responsibility for any third party claims, accidents, damage or loss however caused .
  5. Property specifications subject to change
  6. You must absolutely ensure that children are not left on their own at anytime in the accommodations. Neither are they to be allowed access to the pool or whirlpool unless accompanied at all times by a responsible adult.
  7. All breakages, accidents or losses are to be reported to the Management Company immediately. If you paid a Property Protection Fee, you will only be covered if you report breakages immediately.
  8. For your comfort the property is a NON SMOKING property. Smoking is allowed on the patio area.
  9. Swimming pools are provided free of charge, only pool heating is charged for as an optional extra. Pool heating paid will be refunded on a pro-rata basis if there is found to be a problem with the pool heater. There will be no other compensation paid for pool heat issues.
  10. Only guests listed on the booking form are authorized to stay in this home. You understand that your booking will be immediately terminated or you will be charged $100 per extra person up to the legal limit of the home.
  11. PET POLICY. Not all properties allow pets. Please check with Loyalty to see if the home you are in allows pets. If your pet is allowed, there is a non-refundable pet fee to pay for sanitization of the home after you leave. This , nor the property protection fee does not cover any damages caused by your pet.
  12. Reservations are not to be transferred or sub let to anyone.                                

We strongly recommend that all our guests purchase travel insurance. Why?

Over 70% of U.S. travelers now purchase travel insurance when booking their trip through a travel agent. Quite simply, they do it because it's a smart decision. Approximately one in 6 travelers have had to file a claim.

Still not convinced that travel insurance is for you? Ask yourself, "Can I afford to lose my vacation investment?" Sickness, injury or worse can occur when you are least expecting it. And not only to you, but to your non-traveling family members.

Without travel insurance:

  1. Would you be able to pay all of your emergency expenses out of pocket and in advance?
  2. Would you be covered if you injured yourself on your trip and required emergency assistance or medical evacuation back to the U.S.?
  3. Would you be able to leave immediately if an elderly parent passed away or there was a medical emergency in your family back home while you were on your trip?
  4. Would you get your money back if something happened before your trip and you needed to cancel?

Travel insurance helps protect against unforeseen emergencies which can occur at any time. It also helps protect you against other circumstances like travel delay, lost or stolen baggage and personal items, missed connections, hurricanes and so much more.

In short, travel insurance is Peace of Mind. It allows you to relax and enjoy your vacation without worry. If you don't think it's worth the cost, just ask someone who's needed to file a claim.

Get Travel Insurance Quotes from Top Rated Companies. Find the Right Plan & Buy Online! Transparent and Easy. Unbeatable Price.

Unless you purchase your own Travel Insurance, these are our Cancellation Terms and Conditions.


If you are compelled to cancel your reservation, you must inform us by telephone and immediately confirm your cancellation to us in writing. In this event cancellation fees are as follows:

  • Prior to 8 weeks = $200 charge for stays of less than 30 nights; $500 charge for stays greater than 30 nights
  • Less than 8 weeks = 100% of total booking.


In the event of circumstances beyond our control requiring us to cancel a reservation, including Acts of God, civil disturbances, riots, flood, drought, fire and legislation then only repayment in full of any monies paid in respect of the reservation will be made. We will do everything in our power to find you suitable alternative accommodations, however, we cannot accept liability whatsoever in respect to any loss or damage sustained by the hirer in these circumstances. This does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

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We also offer many extras to make your stay much more enjoyable. If you would like to order any additional items that are not included in your reservation, such as a food welcome pack, Birthday packages, Pool or spa heating, a BBQ, Baby equipment rental and much more, you can log into your login page www.loyaltyusa.com/Guest/account/Login.aspx to add them, or you can call us 863-420-1010 . You can also see what is available here www.loyaltyusa.com/content/concierge.aspx

Did you know that you don't have to leave FIDO behind. We have many homes that are Pet Friendly, You will even receive a gift for your pet.

Why stay in pet friendly Orlando hotels when you could give your family’s furry friend the run of a whole house? Staying in Orlando near Disney with your pet is easier and more affordable than ever with Loyalty Vacation Homes! With 45 pet friendly vacation homes in Orlando, Loyalty has the widest selection of pet friendly vacation rentals in the Orlando area. More and more people are choosing to take their pet with them and now you can too!

However, many travelers worry about trying to find pet friendly hotels in Orlando without them being either too expensive or unclean. Even the best options for hotels will still leave your family and pet crammed together in an uncomfortable, small space. Vacation rental homes offer so many benefits to your family during your visit to the Orlando area and Disney. You will have an entire home to spread out and get comfortable.

Loyalty Vacation Homes understands your needs and the great enjoyment it is to travel with your pet. With dozens of pet friendly homes available, Loyalty is a leader among vacation rental companies.

When you are looking for Orlando hotels that are pet friendly, you will quickly notice that the rates you are finding are more expensive than you would like them to be. Nobody likes paying higher rates to vacation! Additionally, you will notice that these hotels do not offer nearly enough space for your family and pet to be comfortable and stretch out. Even hotels in Orlando, Florida that advertise themselves as being pet friendly often do not accommodate animals in a way most pet lovers would find appropriate. With little to no space for a pet to sleep, eat or walk around, the confines of pet friendly hotels in Orlando, Florida will likely make a pet already weary from traveling, even more anxious and unhappy.

A vacation rental home will have more than enough space and will have a yard or space outside in the community to take your pet out and on walks. Vacationers with pets who go with hotels will sorely miss these luxuries. We warmly recommend you consider a vacation rental. It can be a great addition to your vacation that will provide fun, relaxation and freedom to your whole family. Why pay more for less by staying at a pet friendly Orlando hotel?

Pet Friendly Orlando Vacation Rentals

Scooby's Pad 2 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #1

Windsor Hills Lakeview 2 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #2

Benfred's Den 3 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #3

Disney Playhouse 3 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #4

Disneys Beach House 3 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #5

Memory Lane 3 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #6

Mickey's Family Funhouse 3 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #7

Minnies Movie House 3 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #8

Panda Palace 3 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #9

Pool Paradise 3 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #10

Safari Lodge 3 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #11

Sunny Days 3 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #12

Victoria's Cottage 3 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #13

100 Aker Woods 4 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #14

101 Dalmatian's Den 4 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #15

Alices Wonderland 4 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #16

American Dream 4 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #17

Audez Tropical Haven 4 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #18

Cinderella's Castle 4 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #19

Harry Potter's Fun House 4 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #20

Hollywood Dreams 4 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #21

King Triton's Castle 4 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #22

Mickeys Pool View 4 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #23

Oak Chase 4 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #24

Once Upon a Tide 4 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #25

Rocco's Retreat 4 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #26

Simba's Lake House 4 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #27

Star Lake view 4 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #28

Sunny Oaks Poolside 4 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #29

Tropical Retreat 4 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #30

Villa Captiva 4 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #31

Windsor Palm Paradise 4 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #32

Elite Orlando Villa 5 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #33

Elsa's Hideaway 5 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #34

Mickey's Movie House 5 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #35

Minnie's Marvel 5 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #36

Sunshine House 5 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #37

Emerald Retreat 6 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #38

Enchanted Suites 6 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #39

Lucky Charm 6 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #40

Pearl Of The Sea 6 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #41

Southern Comfort 6 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #42

Tinkerbell's Retreat 6 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #43

Florida Breeze 7 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #44

Seven Dwarfs Escape 7 Bed Pet Friendly Orlando Hotels Alternative #45

Vet Offices

Should your pet need medical assistance during your stay, there is no need to worry! Although you are away from home, you will still be able to get the best care for your pet. There are several veterinary clinics and hospitals that are closely located to your vacation rental home. We would suggest that you call ahead to make an appointment before taking your pet. To help ease your search, we would like to recommend a few veterinary clinics.

Banfield Pet Hospital


2500 Posner Blvd, Davenport, FL.

Reunion Veterinary Hospital


7950 Lake Wilson Rd, Davenport, FL.

Polo Park Animal Hospital


118 Polo Park Blvd E, Davenport, FL.

Many other options in the surrounding area can be found by searching online. We would like to encourage you to read reviews and ratings before selecting a veterinarian for the best possible experience.

Pet Supplies

You may find yourself running low on dog food, cat food or other essential pet supplies over the course of your trip. Maybe you forgot to pack your pup’s favorite squeaky toy and you want to make it up to him! Fortunately, there are multiple places to purchase these items near your vacation home! There are Walmart Supercenters located at 2855 N Old Lake Wilson Rd in Kissimmee and at 550 US-27 in Clermont, as well as a PetSmart located at 2500 Posner Blvd in Davenport. These retail locations will have all the supplies you are looking for to keep your furry friend happy and healthy.


Orlando, Florida weather and vacation activities might make your pet need a quick grooming touchup to keep them looking and feeling their best, healthy self. Luckily, there are many great groomer business selections in the area!

K-9 Self Service Dog Wash

7940 Lake Wilson Rd, Davenport, FL (321) 697-6651

A fun option we would like to recommend, for $10 you can wash and dry your dog with provided hoses, combs, brushes, towels, dryers and aprons.

Reunion Pet Grooming Services

7940 Lake Wilson Rd, Davenport, FL (407) 750-2004

Provides excellent, professional services for you furry friend.

Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming Championsgate

8254 Champions Gate Blvd, Davenport, FL (321) 401-4027

Another great option and also offers treats and accessories.

So whether you are looking to pamper or just maintain and upkeep your furry friend, there are plenty of choices! These options will all leave you and your pooch more than satisfied. There’s no need to settle for a messy bath with the hose in the backyard!

Dog Parks

Pet friendly Orlando hotels unfortunately do not offer enough open space to walk your dog around in comfort. With vacation rental homes, this is not a problem you will have to deal with. All of the communities our homes are in have plenty of space to walk dogs. Some communities may even have a park inside the complex. Be sure to use a leash, as you can never know how an interaction with an unfamiliar dog or stranger might go. Your community will likely be more than spacious enough to enjoy with your pet, if you would like even more room there plenty of great options to run and play!

You might want to consider treating yourself and your furry friend to some time at a local dog park! The nearest one is located on US 27 near Polo Park. Another choice, Meadow Woods Dog Park in Orlando, Florida provides fenced-in, off-leash fun, separate areas for small and large dogs, bathing station and picnic area. Celebration has plenty of pretty walking trails that can be used as well as a number of dog friendly restaurants. A number of other local nature parks are dog friendly as well. Be sure to check beforehand if the park you are headed to allows dogs!

Travel Tips

Before you can start your vacation, you have to get here! Traveling can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. Make sure your pet is travel ready and your trip will already be off to a great start.

If you are flying, visit your vet to obtain a health certificate to show to the airline you are flying with. If your dog is not microchipped, you may want to consider doing so, it costs around $45 and will make it much easier to track them down if they get lost.

Another traveling safeguard to take may include a flee bath treatment, this will help to stop your pet from leaving fleas behind in the vacation home and incurring fees. Call your airline to find exact specifications and pricing for flying your dog with you.

If you are driving to your vacation home, we have some travel tips to share with you! During an extended car journey, your pet should have a safety device like the rest of your family. Options for keeping your pet safe on the road include harnesses, doggy car seats or pet barriers. Make sure to keep your pet hydrated and make occasional stops for relief. Everyone gets restless in the car after a few hours, taking breaks will also benefit the driver and the rest of the family. Following these tips will help ensure you arrive with your whole party happy and ready to enjoy a great vacation!


It is wonderful to enjoy your vacation home with your pet in comfort. You may want to venture out to the parks, to go shopping or to enjoy a great dining experience. Some dogs do not like being alone for extended periods or need special care throughout the day. If you are worried about leaving your pet unattended while you are away, there are several daytime boarding options and doggy daycares to choose from. Many dogs enjoy lots of socialization and attention, especially while in a strange, new environment.

A good choice to take excellent care of your pup is Best Friends Pet Care at Walt Disney World. With clean, colorful amenities and excellent personal care for your pets this boarding facility is a perfect choice. You can additionally request treats, extra walks and grooming for your dog.

If you plan on visiting Universal Studios in Orlando, The Studio Kennel provides boarding services for $15 per pet for the day. Fan-cooled covered outside kennels for large dogs and air-conditioned inside kennels for smaller dogs.

SeaWorld Orlando Kennels also has boarding outside the main entrance. All kennels are air-conditioned. Remains open until a half hour after the park closes.

Many other boarders and doggy daycares in the area can be easily found online for additional flexibility.

Cat Café

532 Cagan Park Ave Suite 201-203, Clermont, FL 34714

If you love coffee and cats, then we have just the place for you! Orlando Cat Café is a special coffee house with baked goods and panini. The best feature of the café is the play area, with cats and kittens that are available to adopt. Consider stopping in to enjoy the atmosphere at this unique café!

Dog Friendly Restaurants in Celebration, FL

There are 11 pet friendly restaurants in Celebration that welcome dogs at their outdoor tables. Need help deciding where to eat? Check out the listings below for a detailed description of each restaurant, along with pictures and reviews from other dog owners who have eaten there. Bone appetit!

Celebration Town Tavern at Boston Garden

721 Front St, Celebration, FL, US, 34747

The Celebration Town Tavern is located across from the lakefront in downtown Celebration. This family-owned seafood and steak house provides its guests with an authentic New England atmosphere and delectable cuisine. With its comfortable atmosphere, authentic menu items, and over 99 varieties of beer, it’s no wonder that the Celebration Town Tavern is Celebration’s most popular gathering spot. Dog-friendly dining on the outdoor terrace adjacent to the indoor bar.

Market Street Cafe

701 Front St, Celebration, FL, US, 34747

Market Street Café serves lunch, dinner, and breakfast all day. Menu offerings range from blueberry pancakes and maple butter french toast at breakfast, to homemade meatloaf and hot open face turkey sandwiches for lunch and dinner. Signature desserts are made fresh daily in the restaurant, and include coconut and banana cream pie, key lime pie, and a variety of fruit cobblers. Pets are allowed on the outdoor eating section.

Columbia Restaurant

649 Front St, Celebration, FL, US, 34747

Authentic Cuban-Spanish tapas served at Columbia. Relax with your pet and some sangria on the patio! Pets allowed at outside tables only.

Ari Sushi

671 Front St #100, Celebration, FL, US, 34747-4953

Ari Sushi specializes in traditional Japanese cuisine served in a contemporary, elegant setting that offers dog-friendly outside tables. A diverse and extensive menu includes miso soup, sweet sesame salad, soft shell crab, shrimp tempura, chicken katsu, teriyaki steak, hot and spicy pork, mango salmon, sashimi combo platters, and a tantalizing assortment of traditional and specialty sushi rolls. Complement the meal with a glass or bottle of global wine, or hot and cold premium sake. Dogs can join their owners at any of the tables in the front outdoor seating area. Ari Sushi is open from noon to 10pm seven days a week.


6290 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Celebration, FL, US, 34747

Applebee's is a dog-friendly grill and bar serving Celebration locals and tourists alike. Visitors to W Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway can head to one of Applebee's eight outdoor tables to dig into a plate of Double Crunch Bone-In Wings, smothered in Honey BBQ sauce, alongside Fido. The grill and bar's menu includes appetizers such as Chicken Wonton Tacos, Spinach and Artichoke Dip, and Cheeseburger Egg Rolls, pasta, seafood, chicken dishes, burgers, sandwiches, tacos, salads, steaks, and more. Diners with room for dessert can order a Blue Hawaiian Long Island Iced Tea and a Triple Chocolate Meltdown to top it all off.

Imperium Food and Wine

606 Market St #140, Celebration, FL, US, 34747

Imperium Food and Wine, located in Celebration, FL, is a trendy wine bar that serves up a variety of delicious drinks and tasty fare. Fido is welcome to join you at one of their pet-friendly outdoor tables while you enjoy your meal. Start off with a refreshing glass of vino (of course) and an order of the Ahi Tuna Tartar - sushi grade tuna layered with avocado and chow mien noodles, topped with sweet chili aioli and ponzu sauce. Next, chow down on the Jerk Chicken Wrap with jerk chicken, lettuce, tomato, mandarin orange, and cream cheese spread in a hot pressed spinach wrap. Or go for the Strawberry Dream Salad with mixed greens, strawberries, goat cheese, walnuts, red onion, celery, and balsamic vinaigrette. Imperium Food and Wine is open Monday through Saturday from 11am to 10pm, and Sunday from 10am to 10pm.

Kilwin's Chocolates

671 Front St #140, Celebration, FL, US, 34747-4953

Dogs are allowed at Kilwin's Chocolates on Front Street, where they provide five pet-friendly outdoor tables. Even though the first Kilwin's opened in 1947, they still continue the tradition of offering confections and ice cream that are hand-made in their kitchen from premium ingredients and their old school recipes. The original ice cream recipes on offer include maple walnut, butter pecan, fudge brownie, cappuccino chocolate chip, and pumpkin pie. If you're not in the mood for a chilly treat, you can indulge in some creamy Mackinac Island Fudge created by the founders, Don and Katy Kilwin Please note that table service isn't available, so your dog will need to be tied up outside when you go in to order.


715 Bloom St, Celebration, FL, US, 34747-4696

Whether you are getting your early morning coffee fix or fueling up for a late night, Starbucks has you covered. This location on Bloom Street in Celebration provides twelve tables with dog-friendly seating. The vast menu includes a broad range of coffee drinks, tea, cold brews, and their popular Frappuccino in tons of customizable flavors. Don't forget to ask for a Puppuccino just for Fido! You can also find a light bite with breakfast options, sandwiches, bagels, parfaits, protein boxes, and baked treats. Please note that table service isn't available, so your dog will need to be tied up outside when you go in to order.

Thai Thani

600 Market St #110, Celebration, FL, US, 34747

Thai Thani, located in Celebration, FL, is a casual eatery that serves up a myriad of delectable Asian-style fare. Fido is welcome to join you at one of their pet-friendly sidewalk tables while you enjoy your meal. Start off with an order of the Egg Rolls - deep-fried rice paper stuffed with bean thread, carrot, cabbage, mushrooms, and Thai herbs, served with sweet and sour sauce for dipping. Next, chow down on the Phad Panang - a spicy Thai curry dish prepared with coconut milk, bell peppers, peas, string beans, scallions, and basil, with your choice of chicken, beef, or pork. Or go for the Ginger Duck - golden brown boneless duck in light brown soy sauce with fresh ginger, bell pepper, celery, onion, scallion, and mushroom. Thai Thani is open Sunday through Thursday from 11:30am to 10pm, and Friday through Saturday from 11:30am to 11pm.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

6210 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Celebration, FL, US, 34747-4549

Founded on the idea that food served fast does not have to be a typical fast food experience, Chipotle Mexican Grill is a dog-friendly restaurant known for its burritos, tacos, bowls, and salads. Visitors to Celebration with a craving for a customizable burrito bowl can dig in alongside Fido at one of Chipotle's eight outdoor tables. The Grill's menu allows guests to choose from crispy corn or soft flour tacos, a bowl, burrito, or salad, then choose from steak, carnitas, chicken, barbacoa or sofritas, next, adding rice beans and fajita vegetables, and finally, topping it all off with salsas, lettuce, guacamole, and cheese. Please note that table service isn't available, so your dog will need to be tied up outside while you go in to order.

Cold Stone Creamery

15 Blake Blvd, Celebration, FL, US, 34747-5414

Cold Stone Creamery is a dog-friendly shop serving sweets to Celebration locals and tourists alike. A few outdoor tables are available to dog owners with a sweet tooth and Fido in tow. The Creamery's menu is made up of ice cream, yogurt, and sorbet flavors made fresh in-store. Guests can choose from a variety of fruits, candies, and nuts to have mixed into their frozen treat on a granite stone. Ice cream cakes and cupcakes, and ice cream pies and cookie sandwiches, shakes, and smoothies are also available. Please note that table service isn't available, so your dog will need to be tied up outside while you go in to order.

Come Stay with Loyalty!

Most people in the U.S. own at least one pet, in many families pets are a cherished, essential member of the family. Bringing your pet with you can add so many fun memories to your vacation. The worries associated with pet friendly vacationing have led many to unhappily travel with their pets left behind. The process of finding pet friendly accommodations no longer needs to be a challenging headache

You can rest easy knowing Loyalty Vacation Homes is your best option when planning your trip to the Orlando, Florida area and Walt Disney World. We have one of the largest selections of pet friendly vacation homes near Disney. There are so many benefits you get to enjoy by bringing along your pet to your vacation rental home. These can include no costly long-term boarding fees, worrying about how your beloved pet is being cared for, bothering a friend or relative, more spacious accommodations on your trip, no separation stress for your pet, and getting to enjoy your vacation with your furry friend.

Loyalty Vacation Homes is excited to welcome you! Stuffy pet friendly Orlando hotels no longer need to be your last resort to bring along the entire family!


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Loyalty Vacation Homes is one of the leading vacation rental Companies in Orlando. Founded in 1999 the Loyalty Story goes from strength to strength, ensuring our Owners and Guests have an amazing experience, EVERY time. Our offices are close to all of our homes so that we can manage very efficiently.

We have amazing owners who we work very closely with and who are very pro-active in ensuring their home is the best it can be for every guest’s enjoyment. Our guests have been loyal to us since the start, we have many guests who have been returning to us every year since our first year. We pride ourselves on having the best customer service experience for our guests and owners at all times. From our very dedicated team in the office, who will take care of our guests from the quotation stage, during their stay, to departure and beyond. We are not dependent on external contractors, we have our own in-house maintenance and housekeeping technicians who excel in what they do and who have also been part of the Loyalty family since the beginning. They CARE!!! We’re not just a booking company, we maintain, clean and upkeep the homes, so when you are here, WE are the ones you will call with any questions, help or advice and we will take care of you. Our Motto is “As long as the guest is happy, we’re happy” Call us today to make your next stay here the most MAGICAL one ever.

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