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Mickey Says Mind Your Manners: 6 Etiquette Guidelines For Disney

Added: Feb 08, 2017
Category: Fun Things

Disney is a wonderful and magical place where you can dance with princesses and ride rollercoasters in the dark and spin on teacups and eat ice cream shaped like Mickey Mouse. In order for everyone to have the most magical experience possible, it is important for all visitors to abide by a few simple etiquette guidelines. Disney is a huge place, but you’ll find yourself surrounded by complete strangers all.day.long. You wouldn’t want someone acting crazy or disrespectful and putting a damper on your day, so it is important for you to also be considerate of other Disney-goers while you’re enjoying your day at the theme park.

No Cutting in Line- it’s a little ridiculous that we even have to say this, since we’re all adults and have had plenty of practice waiting in lines and taking turns. But you’d be surprised at how many people claim their family is “just up ahead. Bob! Bob! I’m coming Bob!” but who are really just trying to avoid waiting in lines. Don’t be that guest who cuts in line. If you really hate waiting that much, get a Fast Pass! Before you get in line, make sure everyone in your family is together so you avoid the death stares from other guests as you cut in front of them to meet up with your party.

Be Respectful- From the clothing that you wear (if you’re not at Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon, you don’t need to wear a bathing suit!) to the words you say, remember where you are. You are at Disney, where families with kids surround you. Don’t cuss, don’t get drunk and obnoxious, keep the PDA down to a minimum, and be considerate of the little ears and eyes that are all around you. If you are attempting to sample a drink from every country at Epcot, know your limit and pace yourself, being drunk at Disney is just not cool.

Keep Walking, Or Step Aside- there is nothing more annoying than bumping into someone because they decided to stop in the middle of the walkway to take a selfie/look at their map/tie their shoe/check in on Facebook. If you have to stop, move to the side so you don’t get run over. As tempting as it is, don’t walk through the theme parks looking through the viewfinder of your camera or phone. Enjoy the experience and get a picture when you’re in a safe place. If you’re looking at your phone and walking, you will probably run into something or someone.

No Flash Photography- you’re always encouraged to take pictures of the rides, shows, and characters that you encounter at Disney, but hold the flash. It can be bothersome to other guests and distracting to performers on stage. 

Take Care of Yourself- This guideline can get a little awkward, but it needs to be said: Wear deodorant and shower before you come to the parks. It’s hot, it’s crowded and nobody wants to smell your stink. Body odor is bound to happen in a crowded place like this, but if everyone took a few extra seconds to freshen up before they headed out from their hotel or vacation rental, waiting in those long Disney lines would be a little bit more bearable. 

Be Nice To The Characters- Again, it is crazy that this even has to be said, but don’t abuse the characters. Don’t let your kids wrestle, kick or be rough with the characters. It looks trashy, is unkind, and can be dangerous. Have your camera, autograph book and smile ready when it is time to see the characters, and quickly step aside for the next family.

Whether you are an annual pass holder just coming to Disney for the afternoon, or you’ve been saving up for years for this magical trip, Disney is a safe place where people go to have fun. Following these simple guidelines will ensure that everyone has a great time at The Happiest Place On Earth.

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